Photograph courtesy of: Bill Siel, 2nd District Alderman

Green Up, Kenosha! Saturday, August 3rd is Green Up Day!

Sail Martha's Vineyard
Photo Credit: Sail Martha’s Vineyard

Kenosha Tall Ships® 2019 is a low-carbon footprint festival.  What does this mean?  It means we want to leave the earth as we found it. We are recycling single-use plastic and cleaning up the beaches.  Hosting the ships in Kenosha helps us appreciate our fresh water resources and encourages us to be better advocates for fresh water conservation.  Enjoy our wind-powered visitors – they can’t sail without water and we can’t live without water.  So help us out.  But, don’t just be green for a day – make this your lifestyle.  Festival Tips on how you can help:

  • Wear Your Green! Green Up and celebrate Kenosha’s coastline and harbor: Saturday, August 3rd is Green Up Kenosha Day.  Wear green to show your support.  Send a message to #greenupkenosha
  • Make a Green Food Donation: Bring a can of green vegetables or two with you.  You have already expended the energy. 🌽 🥫🥕🥦 We will deliver all donations to the Shalom Center pantry.
  • Use the Recycle Bins: You will see them around the festival site. And the earth thanks you!
  • Ride your bike: If you live nearby, use our bike racks at Kenosha City Hall at 6th Avenue and 54th Street
  • Meet Lorelei and Stewy – thanks to our friends at Water Integrated Treatment Systems LLC, they made us a “mermaid” and a “sturgeon” stuffed with plastic bottles to demonstrate how much plastic exists in our waterways.  See the real figures at the festival!
  • Save paper: download your tickets to your smart phones
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  • Recognition to our Crew Sponsor:  A shout out to one of our  green partners, Southport Marina who was awarded the Green Marine Environmental Certificate. 
  • And thank you to Jockey for donating volunteer and crew t-shirts using partially recycled material.Visit the Wisconsin Coastal Management and NOAA Exploration Station
    • Wisconsin Coastal Management and NOAA – representatives will be speaking in the Education Station
    • WE Energies – it’s all about solar power! Meet their rep in the Education

Green Up!  Greening up is all about positive activities for our Earth. How can you help? There are so many things, but here are two: 

  1. Lower your plastics use: There are so many ways you can GreenUp! Here is a quick guide on how you can manage your plastics from Fast Company.
  2.  Food Band Donations:  Canned protein such as tuna fish is a good option.  Here is a link to sustainable seafood guide from Chicago’s to save our beaches, and ultimately our earth – for us and for our children.  We look forward to seeing you at Kenosha Tall Ships® 2019!