Tall ships – their history – their crews – and their stories in general are intriguing at best.  We get to step back in time to learn more about them, or fast forward to when we can sail on board.  The crews live with a 24-hour clock.  They man watches. Sometimes their days start at midnight or 4am. They experience constellations and view the North Star from different coastlines. And a day off can be all about getting their wash done, an internet signal, calling home or a cold beer. The following links share some recently published stories.  A bit of a preview before the ships arrive in Kenosha.
Economic Impact – Interview with Dennis Duchene, Kenosha CVB 5.1.19
Capt. Andrew Sadock, Red Witch on the sailing with the sunset. 6.14.19
Kenosha Student wins Tall Ship Drawing Contest  6.14.19
Limited Story – Kenosha News – Bluenose II – 6.19.19
Limited Story – Kenosha News – Pride of Baltimore II – 6.6.19
Limited Story – Kenosha News – Bluenose II – 6.11.19
Limited Story – Kenosha News – U.S. Brig Niagara – 6.26.19
Limited Story – Kenosha News – Cat on Picton Castle – 7.10.19
Festival impact – Lee Enterprises – 7.23.19